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  • VanDutch Ivory/Beige 2011

    VanDutch Ivory/Beige 2011

    €339.500,- VAT paid

VanDutch 40 Ivory 2011

This day-boat emancipated by Frank Mulder Design instills pure, fluid lines combining straight-edge design and performance. An immense, party receptive cockpit, an inviting cabin for eight people, an unreproached finish, innovative materials such as the composite Esthec are all the elements that establish the VanDutch 40 Grey 2015 as a prestigious reference of Dutch know-how.
VanDutch40 2011 Ivory Overview
VanDutch40 2010 Ivory Houl
VanDutch40 2010 Ivory Houl 2
VanDutch40 2010 Ivory Deck
VanDutch40 2010 Ivory Colour
VanDutch40 2010 Ivory Propellors
VanDutch40 2010 Ivory Cockpit2
VanDutch40 2010 Ivory Cockpit
VanDutch40 2010 Ivory Back
VanDutch40 2010 Ivory Sundeck
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