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  • VanDutch 40.2

    VanDutch 40.2

    €595.000,- VAT PAID

VanDutch 40.2

The best selling model off the VanDutch brand the 40, levels up to the new VD40.2. Maintaining the same VanDutch look and feel of the original, it has been enhanced by adding newly available tech solutions as well as new design features to enhance your VanDutch Experience.

Like its predecessor, the VanDutch 40.2 is a perfect day-boat, although given her shower-stall and optional double-berth forward, micro-galley and pop-up TV, she’s quite capable of occasional overnight or weekend cruising. Overall the 40.2 is larger than the original model, a little longer and with slightly more headroom.

This boat is the first off this line to cruise the Mediterranean waters, so you can be ahead off the curve!

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