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Wajer & Wajer

Established in 1992 in the village of Heeg in the northern Dutch province of Friesland, Wajer & Wajer Yachts has since profiled itself as a remarkably progressive yacht builder. Since its inception, the yard has made history with five unique models – the Captain’s Launch, the Zeelander and the Wajer Osprey 38, 37 and 34 – each characterized by their elegant design, impeccable sailing performance and excellent durability, with the premium quality that customers expect from the Made in Holland label.

A fanatic in water sports as he was, Wajer Senior spend most of his time on the water. In that period he saw a lot of boats and sloops. Being a perfectionist he always fantasized of improving the existing boats. Wajer senior follows his heart and starts building his own sloops and boats at the Lakes of Loosdrecht in 1992. Wajer junior shares the passion for water sports, his vision and perfectionism with his father. In 1992 they together founded Wajer and Wajer Yachts in Heeg, The Netherlands. After years of stable growth Wajer and Wajer celebrates their 20 year anniversary in 2012.

The Wajer Jachtbouw shipyard is renowned for its Kapiteinssloep, Zeelander and Wajer Osprey. Wajer Jachtbouw produces exclusive ships of a quality unrivalled in its class. Every yacht produced under commission at Wajer Jachtbouw shipyard is designed according to one overarching philosophy: Wajer & Wajer Yachts never makes any compromises in terms of materials and quality. This philosophy is paramount to our organization and is the characteristic for which Wajer & Wajer is most praised by its clientele.

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