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Ik was afgelopen week op de IBI Boat Awards 2018 tijdens de Mets en daar werd Arie de Boom nog genoemd door Annette Roux als het bedrijf dat voor Beneteau gezorgd had een entree te maken op de Noord Europese markt. Jullie werden met trots genoemd, wel leuk denk ik voor jullie om te horen! Groeten, Evan
I am humbled and thankful for your very helpful reply, I wish you all possible succes for selling and servicing your boats – and I can only wish that I may in the coming years have a chance to meet you all ADB – who must be one of the most established and trusted marine centers in Europe. I thanbk you for your contribution to our industry European wide. Simon
Good morning Alex, Thank you so much for your teams efforts to keep us going. I received a phonecall from MAN that my monitor is ready and they will install this first thing tomorrow. Can’t wait! Once again many thanks and all the best. FM
Dear Cedric, Really appreciate you managed to fix the boat with such a short notice. It means a lot to me! Best Pelle
Attitude is always key. I think your staff is trained to know and exemplify that. Both you and them are to be congratulated. It’s the small things and attention to detail that create seperation. Just as C.N. Ray knew, when you treat your employees well and with respect, they’ll do their best and battle for you til the end. It all flows from good leadership. Some companies have it, dome don’t. Let your team know the results of their good work and efforts. Buy them a cold Heineken at the end of the day! Later, Stephen
Dear Alex, From the TV news your area of france seems to have been suffering from the recent severe storms and flash flooding and I write this note in hope that you and your family and everyone else in La Rague are well and have escaped any lasting damage. Whilst on the subject of Port de La Rague following my recent visit to your shipyard with my boat, may I congratulate you not only on the excellent facilities that you are able to offer, but also on the efficiency and friendliness of all your staff, a very rare commodity in this modern world. My visit to La Rague was such a hassle free and enjoyable experience that I will continue to bring my boat in future years even though it is more than two hours traveling time from my berth. The icing on the cake, when I was leaving I called at your fuel quay, not only did I find the best priced fuel that I have come across all year, but being experienced suppliers to the boating industry your fuel was treated with biocide as a matter of course! With Kind Regards, Richard
Messieurs, Une saison de plus termine, déjà la septieme pour nous sur le Port de La Rague!! Nous tenons à vous remercier de répondre avec efficacité et gentillesse à nos doléances ainsi que vos equipes toujours disponibles, compétentes et réactives. Merci encore, l’equippe de Le Repère
Thanks Alex – Understood. Have to say, love being in La Rague and the combination of French location and Dutch efficiency… Look forward to seeing you soon. Best Jan
Hi Alex, Thanks for everything. After 32 years and two boats in Port de La Rague, I have been paying lot’s to Arie de Boom and always received a great service from all your team. Especially Fernando.(please tell him I said this!) Best Regards, Micheal
Dear Cedric, I had to ask!  I really appreciate all ADB have done for me and you have a client for life for me and my clients too! Best regards, Ed
Great and thanks Alex! Rob stated it clearly to me over the weekend when he said ‘Alex’ is first class . You have performed and done all on a quick turn and went over and above the call of duty and understand why you have been so successful given this all happened in your absence. Sign of a well-oiled team . Perfect and congrats to your team and I hope to meet you and your team when I come over in sept for Monaco . Again very much appreciate your professionalism and taking away from your weekend to accommodate this.
‘I just wanted to write, to express my thanks for a swift and efficient service once again. It is refreshing to work with an excellent service orientated, company with a professional team.’
Sincerely appreciate the way in which this has been grasped and sorted. While I am sure owning a boat was ever thus, you do begin to question why you buy a new boat, do the right thing maintaining/winterising it only to have the benefits of this thwarted by a technically simple but operationally significant malfunction on the 30 odd days you use it each year (compounded this month by having a house full of people and a pool that is presently out of commission). Again many many thank for putting all dials (including my own) back to zero Best/Simon.
Well done and thank you Cedric. Great team-work and appreciate the special relationship we have. When a plan works, it works beautifully. Thanks again. Cheers! M
Dear Cedric, Andre has solved the problem and has changed the filter. Thanks for the quick service!! Salut, Hans
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