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The History of Arie de Boom

The Arie de Boom Marine story began in ’57, when company namesake Arie de Boom began importing American-built powerboats into The Netherlands. He was a true pioneer for recognizing long-term success would require not only the ability to sell more boats, but also to help owners look after those investments properly. He went on to develop a number of the first privately owned marinas in Holland.

During the ‘60s and ‘70s Arie de Boom Marine grew to become one of the biggest boat dealers in Europe with brands such as Glastron and Sea Ray. Eventually the business expanded beyond Dutch shores, by following some of its bigger boat clients to the French Riviera, which was then really taking off as the world’s most glamorous vacation destination. The company opened up there in ’74 and by ’78 had the power and foresight to acquire a perfect new home, a prime-site yacht haven in the Bay of Cannes.

The ‘80s saw the next generation step up ‒ Arie de Boom’s sons, Alex and Peter. At that time the company was thriving as the French dealer for, among others, three of today’s top brands ‒ Princess, Ferretti and Fairline ‒ and slowly but surely its Port de la Rague site developed apace. Over the years the addition of restaurants, shops and dry-storage facilities, and the major addition of superyacht facilities in ’06, has kept this natural harbour at the forefront of expectation for discerning yacht owners.

And today the evolution continues. Under the sole leadership of Alex de Boom, and with the fourth generation of de Booms already active in the business, Arie de Boom Marine is stronger and better able to deliver excellence for its clients than ever.

On July the 19th of 2014, the Arie de Boom Group celebrated it's Centennial of which you can see the video here.

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